EDCU 9896: Discipline Designed for Today’s Classroom

Online Course

The 2020 school year has been very confusing for students and teachers alike. Your approach to discipline might be taking a different path as students navigate their changing environment.  Learn fair and clear classroom rules and consequences that will enable your classroom to run as effectively as possible.

Develop a classroom management program that focuses on fair and clear classroom rules and consequences. Ensure that the program is consistent with a sound philosophy for student discipline. Utilize course readings, resources, assignments, and interviews to guarantee a well-rounded plan.

Course Objectives

  • Learn by reading and studying website articles relating to the following areas:
    1. Classroom rules
    2. Consequences
    3. Delayed gratification
    4. Delayed gratification
    5. Social skills
  • Interview students and school professionals concerning today’s classroom
  • Create a philosophy of discipline for the needs of the classroom of today
  • Design a realistic discipline program based upon their own philosophy for their own classroom
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Matt Heglie

B.S., M.S. Kinesiology

K-12 Public Schools and Collegiate level, 13+ years.

Matt is passionate about cutting edge curriculum and pedagogy.

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Matt’s personal interests are family, outdoor adventure, and exercise science.