EDKU 9853: Google Classroom

Have you heard about Google Classroom and the benefits it can bring you?  This course will teach you how to effectively leverage Google Classroom so that you and your students can safely collaborate online.

Course Overview:

Use Google Classroom to provide students and teachers with a safe online collaborative workplace. Effectively manage single or multiple class curriculum and assignments. Provide exciting opportunity for all students to access, collaborate and post completed work online. Designate assignments and resources for individuals and groups. Post individual and group grades. Set up communication with student parents and with other teachers. Integrate 3rd party apps to boost the flexibility of Classroom. To complete this course you need a personal gmail account.

Course Objectives:

Students taking this course will have opportunity to:

  • Participate in a customized Google Classroom experience
  • Transform your classroom into a paperless, robust collaborative environment
  • Discover basic and newer creative ways to use Google Classroom with students
  • Manage assignments, grading and feedback within one application

Course Relation to CCS or other Professional Standards

  • The National Board for Professional Teaching Standard’s Core Propositions, 1-5
  • The International Society for Technology and Education Teacher Standards.

Learner; Leader Citizenship; Collaborator; Designer; Facilitator; Analyst

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Joe Herz

B.S., M.A. in Educational Technology

K-8 General Ed; K-12 Technology 30+ years.

Site and District Tech Coordinator; Technology Program Planner; Conference Presenter; Author.

“My current educational goal is to aid in the development of effective and responsible technology use by all students and innovative technology implementation by teachers.”

Joe’s personal interests include: Music (guitar/drums), his classic VW bus and helping with local animal rescues.