EDUU 9347: Cognitive Regulation

Build YOUR essential skills by taking Cognitive Regulation – one of a five course series entitled SEL: The Real Essential Skills.

Course Overview

Most educators experience social and emotional learning (SEL) through isolated programs that are separate from academics. Learn to be more effective and efficient in teaching such skills by embedding it into the daily academic curriculum. Explore one of the most important steps educators must take in this regard: helping students stay organized and engaged while being able to recognize and resolve problems.

Welcome to Cognitive Regulation. This class was created as part of a five course series entitled SEL: The Real Essential Skills. These courses can be taken in isolation and/or in any order. There are no prerequisites. The other four courses in the series are:

• Identity and Agency

• Emotional Regulation

• Social Skills

• Public Spirit

All five courses in the SEL: The Real Essential Skills series require one book entitled All Learning is Social and Emotional Learning: Helping Students Develop Essential Skills for the Classroom and Beyond by Nancy Frey, Douglas Fisher, and Dominique Smith. This book is available for purchase at

Course Objectives

After completing the course Cognitive Regulation, you will demonstrate or indicate:

• The definition of cognitive regulation.

• The importance of cognitive regulation.

• How to utilize goal setting to help students improve their cognitive regulation skills.

• How to create lessons that build capacity for problem solving and decision making.

• How to create curriculum and/or environments that improves student organizational skills.

• Demonstrate an improved ability to build cognitive regulation in the classroom.

Course Relation to CCS or other Professional Standards

This course aligns to the following professional teaching standards:

• Engaging and Supporting all Students in Learning

• Creating and Maintaining Effective Environments for Student Learning

• Understanding and Organizing Subject Matter for Student Learning

• Planning Instruction and Designing learning Experiences for all Students

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