EDUU 9801: Including the Excluded

As we all know, it is vital for students to be connected in some way with their classmates. It is usually painful and sometimes destructive for those students who find themselves excluded from the school social environment. This course offers advice for effectively including an excluded and/or isolated student.

Course Overview

Learn to identify excluded and isolated students in the school community. Discover how to effectively involve the entire school in supporting those students, helping them to become connected with their classmates and helping them to become included members of the school’s social community. Share course-provided recommendations with teachers and parents.

Assignment 7 requires students watch the movie, Michael Moore – Where to Invade Next? available on Amazon prime (a rental fee may be required)

Course Objectives:

In this course, participants will have opportunity to:

  • recognize the excluded student
  • understand the effects of exclusion
  • identify school programs that include the excluded
  • become aware of the nature and extent of the problem
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Budd MacKenzie


Budd MacKenzie was recognized by His Holiness the Dalai Lama as an “Unsung Hero of Compassion” in 2014.

Trust in Education, founder, a grass roots non-profit helping Afghans rebuild their lives;

Wrote and Published “Off the Couch into the War for Hearts and Minds”.

Recognitions for his humanitarian work include Lafayette Citizen of the Year, the Paul Harris Fellow Award from the Lafayette Rotary, the Peace and Justice Award from the Mount Diablo Peace and Justice Center, and the 2018 Choice Humanitarian Award for Contra Costa County.