Lori Spinelli

Lori Spinelli Samara spent over 30 years as a public-school teacher, graduate-level university instructor, teacher-leader and professional learning and development specialist. The focus of her work has been growing teachers as leaders through leading professional learning, mentoring and coaching veteran and early career teachers. She has developed and led school, district and national professional learning for teachers, administrators and leadership teams. Her commitment as a career educator extends to her role as a field experience supervisor for undergraduate education students.

As a consultant working with a professional learning organization her time is spent collaborating with teachers and administrators from school districts and universities across the country. Lori uses state and district data to design programs for educators that are focused on specific content supporting teacher learning and collaboration. She is known for her work in the design and course development of several series of graduate-level programs addressing the current trends in professional learning. Lori facilitates planning meetings with course instructors incorporating a variety of collaborative tools to promote group discussion, reflection and application of instructional strategies to enhance the learning experience for educators.